Monday, February 01, 2016

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As my wife and I recently celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, it occurred to us that we had moved ten times in fifteen years. Many of those moves were to flip houses during the years when the real estate market was raging. I did a lot of the work on the houses myself, restoring many to natural woodwork, hardwood floors, and historical character. We never did settle into one though, even though looking back I sometimes wish we had.... I could reminisce all day about the adventures, all night plumbing and floor sanding adventures, trips to Menards, pulled muscles, money won and lost and band-aids used. Perhaps in the future I'll go into more detail, but for now we are living on the hill overlooking the harbor and lake Superior. Our house is an old victorian duplex built in 1901. We currently occupy the entire building, and it's nice to have space, yet that next house adventure is always on the horizon, and we'll see what happens next. There are a couple historic homes for sale now I'd love to shine up for resale if I have another house in me ... in the meantime I'm just working and living ... enjoying the setting and scenery around me.

"Where'd you put all de tools Sven? De seem to missing dere..." "Oh, don't worry dere Ole, de tools are safe and sound, stashed away at de last house that was sold dere." "Oh good news, glad to know where de tools are, thanks Sven!" "Yah, you betcha."